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ND Prophet

An artificial intelligence engine that “predicts” the future and detects abnormal patterns one step ahead

“ND_Prophet” is an artificial intelligence engine that predicts the future.

Let's take an example.


In order to manage the bridge, numerous sensors are attached to the bridge. Normal/abnormal is judged based on the sensor value generated by the sensor. In other words, a person sets a normal range in advance, and if it goes out of that range, it is judged as an abnormal situation.


Imagine a bridge collapse in the above situation.


Numerous sensor values will indicate outliers in the event of a collapse, but does it make any sense? Already the bridge has begun to collapse. That's why forecasting is necessary so that you can recognize and prepare for collapse in advance. Artificial intelligence should analyze the sensor value to predict whether the sensor value will fall into an abnormal range in advance.

Is it safe if only the sensor value does not fall in the abnormal range?

“ND_Prophet” can detect cases where the sensor value is within the normal range and creates an abnormal pattern. Strange patterns come together to cause collapse. For this reason, an anomaly should be detected even if the sensor value is in the normal range. “ND_Prophet” has anomaly detection function as well as prediction to cope with this situation.


“ND_Prophet” supports both edge devices and cloud environments to increase safety in more fields.

Neurodigm announced platform using “ND_Prophet” called "AIOTS" which is AIoT platform. AIOTS can be used for structure integrity management, mechanical equipment management and smart factory platform.


Now, predict your future with “ND_Prophet”.


Prediction and anomaly detection of “ND_Prophet”

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