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AI Mechanical Equipment Management System

AIMEMS (AI Mechanical Equipment Management System) developed using “ND_Prophet” is a core application of the smart factory that predicts the future situation and detects abnormalities to prevent mechanical device errors in advance, and at the same time sort out the mechanical devices with frequent performance degradation, which results in lowering the manufacturing cost and improving the yield.


In order to solve problems such as sluggish manufacturing utilization rates by managing machinery used in automobiles, semiconductors, electronics, and energy fields, it analyzes and detects problems in real-time facility conditions by analyzing the errors of machinery by itself based on the collected data.

By detecting defects or abnormalities in mechanical devices in advance, it is possible to preemptively block unexpected situations caused by errors in mechanical devices.

Abnormality detection #1

Abnormality detection #2


Server type AISIMS / AIMEMS


Terminal type AISIMS / AIMEMS


Supports both Edge / Cloud

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